Colour your life with Kenwood new kMix color range !

Last week, I was invited with other bloggers by Kenwood to discover their new collection of colours for their kMix range.
We met at Waitrose Cookery school on Finchley Road which was redecorated with Kenwood appliances and props for the occasion.

All set up by colour. Have a look at the pictures, they speak for themselves!

Since I bought my very own Kenwood Chef Titanium last year when I started my business project, I've been convinced by Kenwood products. They are robust, powerful, reliable, easy to clean, quite silent. There's not a day I don't use it.
A few weeks ago, I won a kMix handmixer (thanks to my macarons!) and it's again a brilliant machine. Quite heavy for a handmixer, but you can feel you have something in your hand that is so good that it might survive you! And so silent!

I know some people prefer the other leading brand because their design is more appealing in a kitchen, with their retro look, but trust me, in term of effectiveness/efficiancy, Kenwood are way better!

And now, with all these gorgeous new colours, I'm sure you'll find them as sexy at the "other" one.

Whether you need a new toaster, coffee machine, kettle (traditional or electric), blender, stand mixer, hand blender, or a hand mixer, there's a colourful Kenwood product for you!

Back to the evening at Waitrose Cookery school :  we were all cosied-up,  drinking cocktails, getting our portraits sketched up by artists and taking pictures of the beautiful appliances when the Kenwood team asked us to follow them to the other room where we were shown how to make macarons ! (looks like even on my day out of the kitchen, I still make macarons!)

I'd like to thank Kenwood, Waitrose Cookery school and the PR team for a great night of fun in the kitchen!

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