Baking Club #3 : The Baking Club Egg Hunt!

On sunday 25th March (already a long time ago, I know!) was held the third edition of our Baking Club.
As it was just a few days before Easter, I thought that the theme should be somehow "egg-ey". And as Londoners were just mad about the recent Diamond Jubilee Big Egg Hunt everywhere in the streets, I thought it could be nice to have our own "Baking Club Egg Hunt". A day packed with chocolate eggs, cakes, kids running everywhere and lots of sun (another distant memory...sun...).

Here are the pictures of the day with a list of the cakes made by everyone. If I forgot someone, please let me know!

Someone has forgotten to look up...

    • Tiramisu by Mariko and Epiphanio
    • Praline and Chocolate chips Maleines by Delphine
    • Intense chocolate cake by Julie
    • Tagada strawberries macarons by Fabienne
    • Cookies by Lamia
    • Gâteau basque by Fanny
    • An assortment of minis gluten free cakes by Christelle
    • Guiness chocolate cake by Coralie
    • Chocolate fairy cakes by Delphine
    • Drinks, thanks to Alexia & Anatole
    • Apricot cake brought by Vijiti
    • Lemon drizzle cake brought by Claire
    • Beehive cake by me!

Now, you'll may be interested to know that the next Baking Club will be a special one too. As The Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, I think it could be nice to take part in the celebration and have a "Diamond Jubilee Baking Club". So this time, I will need you to come up with "royal" recipes, whether you use The Queen favourite flavour or you add some festive decoration to your cake. I'm sure you will come up with brilliant ideas.

The Baking Club will be held on Sunday 10th June afternoon and the location will be announced on your invitation. If you'd like to receive one, please email me at

These "special" Baking Club events are another way of experience the Baking Club. Everyone brings a homemade cake or savoury dish and we share it all together. But I would like to organise more regular meetings in the future, with a smaller group of people, as we did at the beginning. A recipe, four or five pairs of hands, a kitchen and some good fun shared together. Some of you have already proposed their kitchen to hold the meetings so I'll be contacting you to organise everything soon.

In the meantime, I think a better way to share our recipes would be to make a little "book" with all the recipes presented. So, for the Jubilee Baking Club, it would be great if you could send me the recipe you're going to prepare as soon as you know it. I'll try to put everything together and print them so that you can all have a copy on the day. What do you think?


I  hope you enjoyed the Easter Baking Club and that you'll come to Jubilee one!

And if you haven't participated yet, come and join us!


8 commentaires:

  1. Magnifiques photos d'une très belle après-midi, à une époque bénie où nous savions encore à quoi ressemblait le soleil.. Quoique, il revient ! (merde je vais me faire engueuler par Fabienne)

    1. Je suis clémente et je vais t'épargner mes quolibets Miss Riviera Smog.
      Merci Cindy de nous avoir tous réunis pour ces moments joyeux de gourmandise.

  2. Wouah, le gateau "ruche" j'adore! Tu as mis la recette quelque part?
    Le concept me semble avoir un peu change... Maintenant, c'est rdv dans un lieu et venir avec un gateau?

    1. Coucou Carine!
      Pas de recette pour le gâteau ruche pour le moment (recette Petit Gâteau! :p )Mais il était fourré au lemon curd.
      Le concept ne change pas vraiment pour le Baking Club. Je veux continuer les rendez-vous à la maison, où l'on cuisine ensemble.
      Mais quand il fait beau comme çà, çà serait dommage de ne pas se retrouver tous ensemble non?! Cà permet à tout le monde de se voir et les enfants sont plutôt contents je crois! Tu penses venir au prochain?

  3. Bravo pour cette belle après midi que tu sais vraiment bien faire partager en beaux gâteaux et en images ! Et les enfants ont toujours leur place (ils ont adoré cette journée) et leurs petits paquets à rapporter à la maison...

    1. Merci d'être venue! Il faut remercier François pour les photos! J'espère vous voir tous au prochain Jubilee Baking Club.

  4. Un super après-midi, des enfants ravies :) Merci encore!

  5. Une belle apres-midi, merci pour ce Baking Club delicieux que toute la famille a largement apprecie avec a la clef de jolies rencontres.Will be there for th next Jubilee Baking Club!
    Miss Delf


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