Prepare to be enlightened ...

On saturday 4th and sunday 5th of November, Petit Gâteau will be taking part in an event like you have never experienced before.

Think lights, perambulation, theatre, performance, music, magic, and great food...

Prepare to be enlightened and to have all your senses awakened.

"Celebration of light", by Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses, on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of November.

This is the second event organized by Ludivine Baruton, landscape architect, actress and fine gourmet.
She has decided to combine these passions and collaborate with artists, designers, pâtissiers... to create a series of participative events made
of theatre, games, surprises, dreams, cakes and tea and taking place in a temporary garden made by herself. Each event is themed differently, according to the place and season.”

Ask your best friend, family and beloved ones to follow you in this magical, theatrical and poetic enlightenment!

Ticket: £25.

To book, send an email to and pay in advance BEFORE SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER. No reservation accepted afterwards.

I hope to see you all there!


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