Salmon Lasagna with Ricotta & Spinach.

With a dreadful day like today, who wouldn't like a bit of comfort food?
Some potatoes gratin, a veg soup, lots of cheese, some tasty lasagna... Yes, lasagna!

With salmon, fresh spinach and some ricotta cheese for an extra oomph that change from the traditional lasagna a la bolognese. And by adding a little yellow curry powder into the bechamel, you will add a spicy note to this dish!

You can use smoked salmon for this recipe or some salmon fillets that you will quickly pan fry. I prefer fresh spinach to frozen ones, but again, adapt the recipe if you feel it's best for you.


  • 12-16 lasagna sheets 
  • 2 salmon fillets 
  • 150g ricotta cheese 
  • 400g spinach 
  • some grated emmental
Pour la béchamel :

  • 80 g lightly salted butter 
  • 80 g flour 
  • Approx 700ml milk 
  • Salt & Pepper  
  • Nutmeg 
  • Mild curry powder

1.   Start by making the bechamel :

    • Make a "roux" : melt 80g of butter in a saucepan. When butter is ready, add all the flour at once and work the mixture with a wooden spoon until it's a little dry.   
    • Pour the milk in the saucepan, little by little and mix with a whisk to combine.
    • When the bechamel starts to thicken, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. (Be generous on the salt and pepper). 
    • Put aside a quarter of the bechamel and add the mild curry powder to it. 
2.     Then it's time to cook the spinach. Just heat a pan on medium heat with a knob of butter and some crushed garlic, and then quickly cook the spinach until they melt. Strain and then toss in the ricotta. 
3.       While you're cooking the spinach, pan fry the salmon fillets on medium heat. Let them cool down and then crumble on a plate.

Now you can start to build the lasagna.

  1. In a large dish, spread some of the bechamel and then arrange a first layer of lasagna sheets (no need to precook them).
  2. Spread some more bechamel, then some pieces of salmon followed by the ricotta/spinach mix and finally more bechamel.
  3. Start again with a new layer of lasagna sheets, but this time use the curry bechamel.
  4. Repeat again, alternating lasagna/ original bechamel / salmon / ricotta & spinach/ more bechamel / lasagna.
  5. Finish by spreading the original béchamel on top, and then sprinkle the grated cheese.
  6. Pour  approx 300ml of water on the sides of the dishes to help cook the pasta sheets (or use stock)
  7. Bake for 40-45min at 190°.

You can dress each lasagna portion on a bed of fresh spinach, seasoned like a salad.

Retrouvez la version française de cette recette dans le numéro de Mars du magazine Ici Londres, en page 26.

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  1. elles ont l'air suuucculente, un GROS MIAM !

  2. Hi, on the above recipe on the website, some of the ingredients show in Greek! It seems okay when you copy and paste though, they paste back into English. I just thought you might like to know, as if I had not tried to copy and paste I would not have known. Thanks :)


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