Turning Korean...

Recently I've been feeling terribly nostalgic thinking of South Korea.

I miss everything : Seoul, the views, the coffee, the food, the coffee, the palaces, the fish, the coffee, the underground, the taxis, the coffee.

Did I mention the coffee? Well, it really is a "thing" overthere!

But above all, I miss my best friend.

I didn't share a lot about my trip with you. First I thought I was going to, but then I changed my mind and thought it was something a bit too personal. And something difficult to explain. The kind of experience that you need to live to understand (or it just looks like pictures of streets, food , and coffee cups).

But behind each of these coffee cups and plates of food, there's the story of a day spent in one of the most amazing city in the world. For me anyway.

Well I'm changing my mind again. Now, nostalgy has become too present and because I don't want it to turn into melancholy, I think I should try to share a bit of these few weeks in Korea with you.

Maybe by sharing a few recipes, pictures and anecdotes, it will help me relive these memories in a "I was lucky to visit this place" -way and not in a "Please let me go back!!!" -way.
{Wishful thinking as I am a "half-empty glass" person!}

These past few months (and even more for the past few weeks), trying to fill this empty space that we feel since we left last April, our household has been slowly turning Korean :

  • I've been cooking LOTS of Korean recipes, some that my best friend taught me when she was in France, some that her mother taught me when I was in Seoul. I think you could enjoy them. If you remembered, I already told you about kimchi. More of it will be used in these recipes!
  • I've been listening to Korean radios. Arirang mainly, but also more local ones like Radio Jeju Island. (Even if I don't understand a thing, at least I don't have to listen to Rihanna 30 times a day!)
  • I've been improving my reading skills. Quite fluent now, even if my pronouciation is surely still painful to listen too...
  • We've also became addicted to Korean dramas, so I might recommend you a few ones!
  • Thanks to dramas, we've been picking up on lots on small daily life words and we just play with them ("여보 가자") 
  • We're thinking of investing into a real rice cooker. With lots of advanced functions!
  • And maybe next winter we'll buy one of these nice heated carpet and start to live on it. Really comfy... 
Oh, and I've been a really good girl too so I hope that for my upcoming birthday I will get my dream phone. Korean of course! The one that looks ridicuslouly big to you but so awesome to me.
{Wishful thinking again! :) }

For J-Y 임지연 : (because you don't read English, 언니!)
언니, 올해, 우리는 다시 만날거야 :-) 우리는 당신을 사랑하고 당신 생각합니다.

 (Don't try Google translator you cheeky readers! It won't work!)

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  1. I have never been there but I miss this country! Which dramas do you watch? I liked Rooftop Prince lately and have not watched any since last June.
    Me Korean recipes on the blog would be great!

    1. That's funny !! "Rooftop Prince" was on air when we were there. We saw almost all the serie but we left before the end. I just started to watch it again this weekend!

      You will love "Love Rain" and "Coffee Prince". Both real funny and sentimental.

      ♥♥♥ Drame love ♥♥♥


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