Petit Gâteau Pop Up Sale - Today only!

Hi guys!!

How are you doing ?

I've got some sad news : the East Barnet Festival that was meant to be held today is cancelled due to the rain. The ground is unsafe to support the structure of the stage for the bands and the organization took the decision (yesterday afternoon!) to cancel the event.

As you can imagine, I've been baking like crazy for the past few days and my kitchen is now full of delicious cakes looking for a welcoming home where they can be enjoyed.

If you're in Finchley - Church End area today, there's plenty of cupcakes, macarons, financiers, petits biscuits, and lemon drizzle mini cakes available to buy... in my kitchen!

So if you think your family would be happy to welcome and devour some of theses treats, why not take part in Petit Gâteau's Pop Up sale today?!

The menu : 
  • macarons boxes (8 macarons for £5.50)
  • lemon drizzle cake £5.50
  • cupcakes £2
  • Marshmallows £2.5
  • Financiers with raspberries £2.5 for 4
  • Petit Gâteau biscuits £2.5 for 8
 More pictures here.

If you're interested, let me know in the comments below or on and I'll get back to you with my address details.

Who knows, there might be a little goodie bag for you... Just saying... 


PS : Thanks you all for your support yesterday via Facebook and Twitter. It helped a lot!

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  1. :-( Do you have insurance that will cover the losses you'll make?
    I'm in N12 but not sure I fancy heading out in this weather...
    If you're intending to pass up this way today, I'm a minute's walk from Waitrose N12, let me know via twitter. @kaveyf


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