Tales of Korea #5 : I feel good !

Today I decided I would not feel alone anymore. 

I decided to visit a neighborhood of Seoul I feel good in, Samcheondong, and I went for a stroll in Samcheon park.
Between taking two pictures of glorious fall foliage, an old Korean woman started to talk to me. In Korean. My Korean speaking skills are not great but we still managed to talk a little about the weather, London, her son, etc. She then insisted to go with me to a coffee shop. After that, we went separate ways, with a smile and an extra energy boost (maybe because of the coffee!)

Feeling more confident, I then just started to interact with people in shops, ahjusshi in the street, a restaurant owner, the waitress and one guy of the baking team in a japanese pastry shop, the lady selling little fish cakes near my flat...

Ahahah I can't stop talking now.

Bring on tomorrow !

PS : please note that I did some exercice before indulging myself !

4 commentaires:

  1. Feeling nostalgic after seeing all those beautiful pictures !
    just discovered your lovely blog and subscribed!


    1. Thank you for stopping by.
      Once you visit it, I think Seoul leaves a deep mark in your heart .

  2. Comme c'est joli ces couleurs automnales sur les arbres !

  3. I am not a brave solo traveller... I'm so used to travelling with Pete, for over two decades now. I'm going on my own to Lithuania tomorrow but I know I'll be part of a small press group when I get there. I think the best way to enjoy is definitely to create little encounters with people, not all of them might be so lovely as the one with that lady but it sounds like it really lifted your day.


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