I’m Cindy, a 30 years old French girl, living in London. Welcome to Food For Thoughts.

This blog started in June 2011, as a notebook, or a way for me to communicate with friends about an exciting project I was doing at the time. I had won a cake design contest for the London Wildlife Trust’s 30th anniversary and suddenly was faced with the task of baking an ensemble of cakes for  one hundred guests at the House of Commons. I had no experience in baking for that many people and needed all the support I could get.  Blogging seemed a good idea!

The blog then evolved with recipes, tips and reviews of coffee shops and restaurants I love in London. And more recently with posts about my travels in South Korea.

Not to forget news about the artisan Pâtisserie and Catering business I started in February 2012, Petit Gâteau !

I’m what you may call a kitchen addict, always looking for a new recipe to try, or a good address to share. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing through the blog and that you’ll try many of my recipes!
If you do, don’t be shy, leave a comment or email me! Questions are welcomed too and I’ll do my best to help you.

Talk to you soon!!




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Oriana a dit…

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Your answers will be elaborated in an anonymous form and we will use them only for this project purpose. We won't ask you personal life details but only general questions about food and you are free to answer whenever you like, but it has to be with an interview via Skype, in English.

Our deadline is very strict, so we really looking forward for your (positive) answer. We will then give you our Skype account as soon as possible. We will also decide together which part of the day is better for you to do the interview, due to the time differences.

Thank you


Oriana a dit…

oriana.n.lang (at) gmail.com

Anonyme a dit…


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Anonyme a dit…

J'ai cree un groupe de discussions francaises dans le sud ouest de Londres - http://www.meetup.com/French-Language-in-Richmond/.
Est-ce que quelqu'un connaitrait par hasard une organisation ou personnes avec qui je pourrais organiser pour ce groupe des rencontres de travaux pratiques pour apprendre des recettes francaises?

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