Science Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand Hotel - London

When I was 5years old, like lots of others kids, I decided I would be a paleontologist. Usually, kids give up this idea after six months and then want to be fireman, teacher, singer, ...

Well, I wanted to be a paleontologist until I was 14/15years old. Posters of diplodocus and triceratops cohabited with boys band pictures on my bedroom walls. (And now, who are considered the dinosaurs?! :p).

In my teenage years (yesterday) my teachers used to say if I wished I could be a scientist. I love to learn, I love to understand how things work, how things are built, I always add top grades in the sciences classes...
But I chose another other ways.

But in the end, cooking, and pâtisserie in particular, are really similar to chemistry. When I play in my kitchen, adding a bit of this, a bit of that, I am like a scientist in a lab, isn't it?

So when I was invited to try the Science Afternoon Tea at the Ampersand Hotel, well, of course I jumped in my white scientist blouse to experience it!

Having been recently to Sketch for my birthday, and been a tad disappointed by it, I wasn't really expecting much. If Sketch didn't delivered any grandiose pâtisserie, who would?

Well, the pastry chef at the Ampersand surely does!

From the start, we were just mesmerised by the high details of the pastries in front of us : little chocolate dinosaurs (imagine how happy I was), volcano with mango lava, beaker with bright green potion, little cakey planet, meringue rocks, pistacchio macaron ready to be injected with cherry coulis ... and .... dry ice smoke!


And tasty!

And generous!

These are the details of the menu :

Savoury gougeres :
    • Glouster old spot ham, sauce gribiche; 
    • Cheese with fruit chutney; 
    • H.Forman & Son London smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese; 
    • Coronation chicken 

Warm plain and white chocolate scones, served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserve.

Pastries :
    • Hazelnut, walnut and chocolate cake with mango mousse volcano and chocolate dinosaurs, 
    • Pistachio macaron with cherry sauce pipette
    • Raspberry cake planet 
    • Citrus cocktail.

For me, one of the best afternoon teas I had in London these past years.

The Korean pastry chef, Ji Sun Shin (I promise, I didn't know she was Korean before meeting her!) is really talented, creative and skilled. I love the little planet she made out of cake with white chocolate "Saturn's rings" and the very elaborated Choco Dino with meringue rock, volcano, lava and geological strata.

The Drawing Rooms, where the afternoon tea was served, are also beautifully decorated. It feels cosy and modern. And a bit extravagant with all the paintings of 'Animals Cocktails' !

This afternoon tea runs for a limited time but I am sure that whatever will come next will be as creative and delicious.

So if you're on the look out for a spectacular afternoon tea, book now at the Ampersand Hotel. And after indulging yourself with yummy treats, visit the Science Museum which is just 3 min away walking distance.

The Ampersand Hotel
10 Harrington Road
London SW7 3ER
Ampersand Hotel website
Tube : South Kensington Station

Many thanks to Selena and the others girls present on the day for inviting me to join them. See you soon around more cakes and champagne! :)

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