Petit Gâteau busy schedule !

Hi everyone.

Just a quick one!

Everything is good at Petit Gâteau's headquarters !

Really busy, a bit tired, sometimes cranky but overall happy.

This means a bit of "laisser-aller", blogwise.
I don't have much time to sit in front of the computer and write.
So little time that I forgot the second anniversary of the blog at the end of June :(

Hopefully, I'll have a bit of free time in August and I'll be able to catch up and blog more.

What I've been up too lately :

  • Last week was the 5th edition of the Food Blogger Connect event. I was there on the Saturday for the Afternoon Tea Street Party. Not so much as a blogger but with my Petit Gâteau stall. Everything went really well. The weather was so hot that the macarons were melting in less than 5 minutes! Thankfully, the bloggers were more than happy to devour them quickly and in no time, almost all the stall was gone.  Everything disappeared so quickly that I barely had the time to take a picture apart from the one below, showcasing part of what was on offer on the day (selection of mini financiers, raspberry & chocolate fondants, macarons [chocolate, salted butter caramel, milk choco & earl grey, vanilla & olive oil], lemon drizzle, heart shaped cookies)


  • I invested in a beautiful gazebo. Really heavy, really pink, but so easy to set up and down! Do you like it?

  • My new banners are finally here !!

What's next?
  • This weekend, if you're around Borough Market for Bastille, visit my friend Marie-Antoinette (aka Ludivine B).  I think she may have little scones and cakes for you if you follow her around and listen to her fantastic story. Some say she lost her head for a scone... Will you be ready to do the same? Meeting point at the Golden Hinde, at 3pm. Rest of the program here.

  • Next week, I will be taking part in THE event of the summer (well, for me anyway!) : Matsuri in London, on the rooftop of Dalston Roofpark. I've been lucky enough to be contacted by Chef Tim Anderson (Masterchef 2011 winner) and Fumio (Shofoodoh okonomiyaki master) to join them in a two days Japanese Festival with food, booze, music, movie, origami etc!!! I'll be making Taiyaki, dorayaki, anpan, cream pan, melon pan, and other sweet treats. So this week, there's a lot going on in the kitchen to prep this!  The tickets for Saturday are already sold out (in less than a day!)  but there's still a few for Sunday. Free Taiyaki for you if you mention this post! :)  Buy your tickets here. And click here to see mention of Petit Gâteau in Hot Dinners and Londontheinside !!!

  • On Sunday 28th July, I'll be at the "Party in the Park", organised by Avenue House in Finchley : Musical entertainment including jazz and classical singer Sarah Colah, Barnet Hospital Radio and Hertfordshire Concert Band;  the Friends of Avenue House books and bric-a-brac stall; Pimm’s; a tombola; craft and food stalls, and a family fun area on the lower green.  That will host a bouncy castle, traditional races, hula-hooping, and other activities.
  • On Saturday 3rd August I will be back at my usual spot aka the North London Artisan Market! Delicious food and fantastic produce stalls available from 10am to 3pm in Avenue House Stables yard.
  • On Sunday 4th, I should be at the High Barnet Festival (still to be confirmed).
Then, there's plenty more exciting stuff coming for Petit Gâteau, but I shall keep the lid on this for the moment! And I will possibly be with my stall around a well-known "Old" market in East London on Friday 26th July. You got it? No? Well, you'll have to wait and see then! :)

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  1. Your chocolate raspberry creations were incredible. I was one of the keen eaters at FBC

    1. Hi Sally.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I'm glad you liked them.
      I hope to see you again at other bloggers events or maybe at the market!

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