A year ago... South Korea Day #5

Our first weekend in Seoul started with a trip to one of Seoul's mountains, Bugaksan. Beautiful views on the city mix of historic and modern buildings.

And so much sun...


Then tea time in  Samcheong Park where a drama was being filmed.

At night, we headed to Dongdaemun to visit a mall and a night market.
Real Street Food !

Bung-eo-pan are the Korean version of the Japanese Taiyaki : a little fish shaped waffle filled with red bean paste.

Getting totally addicted to mini Kimbap. Just can't stop eating them! 
And she can make like a 20/minute so why stopping?

Buying cooking books that I can't really use...

A view of the market.

Do you need a cap? Cause there's vending machines for that you know!

A little stroll along Cheonggyecheon stream.

In Seoul, at night, most of the streets are still bustling.
And some not.

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