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A few months ago, I told you I went to the opening of a restaurant in Crouch End that seems like a good addition to the area for me : Tootoomoo of Crouch End.

Well, I went back for more and I wasn't disappointed!

The restaurant was created by Phillip McGuinness with the collaboration of Chef Ricky Pang, the executive head chef at Tootoomoo, a well renowned chef who works in top class restaurants.

Phillip's desire was too provide people of Crouch End with great asian flavours using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Every is organic, the meat is free range, and the techniques are impeccable.

The place : Tootoomoo of Crouch End
The address : 12 Crouch End Hill, Crouch End, London, N8 8AA

Interior : the decor is inspired by Asia and has little something of a street food market feel to it.
On the wall, you'll find a mural made by local street artist Milo Tchais, which represents Tootoomoo, a little girl who bravely fed the Giant who was coming in her village. That's the legend the restaurant takes its name from.
The rest of the furnitures is a mixed of designer chairs and reclaimed wooden boxes that add to that "street" feeling.

Menu : Tootoomoo is a pan asian restaurant, which means you'll see a range of dishes from all over Asia : ramen, sushi and gyoza from Japan, Duck rolls from China, Beef Rendang from Malaysia, Bo Lu Lac from Vietnam, ...
The difficult thing with pan asian restaurant is that they usually try to make too many different things in the same place and they don't excel at any. Well, at Tootoomoo, they do it well! I went to the opening night in November and tried a few of their starters like maki, duck rolls, chicken satay skewers ... I won't say it's the best maki or the best duck rolls in London, but they surely are well executed and with high quality produce.

They also created their very own cocktails range : the Hungry Giant (Vodka, coconut milk, lime juice thyme infusion), the Tootoomoo Martini (with Passion fruit!), and many others.

I tried for you : Chicken ramen and Water Chestnut Gyoza. The chicken Ramen goes all the way to my top 5 in London. And you know I tried a lot of them in January and February! The broth is light and clear, the noodles not too soft. And the Chicken is high quality. Definitely a good choice if you visit Tootoomoo for the first time and don't know what to try. Or if you try Ramen for the time and are in North London.

The Water Chestnut Gyoza were also really tasty. Even when cold, you could feel the yummy juice inside the dumplings. A nice vegetarian gyoza.

Website :
Twitter : @IamTootoomoo

The + : The restaurant has an "epicerie" corner where you can buy asian ingredients, from soy sauce, nori, sesame seeds, rice, sake, ... to cookware and tableware. And the price are more than honest compare to the likes of Japan Center or Atariya Food. So if you feel inspired by what you've just eaten, you can just ask a waiter and they'll help you choose all the ingredients you need to cook at home. Remember, Chef  JP is just behind the counter.... so ask him fo tips!

On Fridays and Saturdays nights, they organise "Street market" evening, where you get to try their cocktails half price, chat with people and eat little "tapas style" asian dishes while waiting for your take away order to be ready.

And if you leave quite close by, there is a delivery service available. Your food will be delivered with one of these electric bikes!

Disclosure : I was invited by the Tootoomoo team to try their menu. This review is my own and I'd like to mention that I wouldn't have written this review if I hadn't really enjoyed the food.

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  1. Exactly my kind of place ! Too bad it's so far from me. But maybe I'll try it sometime.
    Gorgeous pics !


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