A year ago... South Korea Day #4

On our third day on Jeju Island, we tried to go to Hallasan, the highest moutain of the island and of Korea (1950m). But the fog and fatigue got the best of us and we spend part of the morning in a coffee shop / observation post in the forest.
Great place to buy souvenirs (our minis Dol Hareubang) and have a pear tea.

Then it was time to head back to civilization. First with a stop in a restaurant for some soup and jjigae and Kimbap!!

Then a visit to Yongduam, the dragon's head rock : not really visible on the picture below, but the legend says that there was a dragon who, upon reaching the sea, was petrified in place.

Feeling hungry? Dinner is waiting for you in big tanks outside every restaurant.

Back in Seoul for our first proper night outing. These pictures don't really need comment.

In Seoul, there are interactive screens everywhere. 
Here in a subway station, with free access to maps, emails, and tourists informations. 

In Gangnam (yes, that's not just a "style". It's the name of one of the central neighborhood of Seoul), on street level, you can use media poles to access your email, phone for free with a "Skype" like app or take a picture and send it to your friends. (I won't show you the picture we took...)

Finally, if you let me in a store with a Smartphone connected to a network, guess what I will upload...

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