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A few days before Christmas, I was passing through Chinatown looking for my favourite pork bun stall in Newport Court when I spotted a new bubble tea bar about to open, Cuppacha.
Now back from my holidays, I decided to have a closer look at it. I'm not really a big fan of bubble tea but I thought this one looked promising. And I was right!

The place : Cuppacha
The address : 23 Newport Court - Chinatown

Interior :
Cuppacha looks like nothing else you would find in Chinatown. The decor is all white and pink, very modern, slick, and minimalist. No big golden manekinekko waving its hand or other asian ornements there but a very friendly staff welcoming you.
You order your drink at the bar and then you can sit to wait for it to be ready. And you don't really have to wait as the tea is ready pretty quickly!

Menu :
You find a variety of bubble teas, fruit juices and mousse teas. All made with freshly brewed tea. Yes guys, it's the real deal! The fresh brewed tea makes it so much more flavourful. You can get any of the teas served hot or cold.
And bubble tea wouldn't be bubble tea without ... bubbles! You can choose from a range of regular tapioca pearls to the new kind that is the jelly fruit bubbles, bursting in your mouth like only fish roe does! They're available in different flavours so you can match them to your drink. Love them!
They also offer a range of crips and snacks if you're feeling peckish.

The + :
Fresh brewed tea, flavoured bubbles, mousse tea, friendly staff, located close to my favourite pork bun stall... What's not to like?

I tried for you :
A cold hazelnut mousse tea with extra coffee jelly. It costed £3.80 (medium size).
Delicious! Really silky, slightly on the sweet side, and lots of coffee jelly which goes really well with the milky hazelnut tea.

(It would be perfect with one of my Taiyaki, me think...)

Website :

I think I should have asked for the loyalty card...

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