Baking Club #4 : The Queen's Diamond Jubilee special !

Three weeks ago, Britain's heart was beating for its Queen, Elizabeth the Second, who was celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. That means that she is Queen for 60 years now!
Quite impressive innit?!

I have to say I quite like the idea that I'm living in a "kingdom", with a "Queen", "princesses"& "princes". After all, Cindy is short for Cinderella so I'm allowed to dream of fairytale from time to time.

I decided that the Baking Club should celebrate this "once-in-a-lifetime" event and sent the invitation below.

At first, the party was scheduled for the Sunday but, as rain was forecast, we decided to move it to the saturday. Unfortunately, some people weren't able to come on the saturday so we were only half the expected attendees. Still, 20 of us + the kids, we were a happy group!

I was glad to see familiar faces and new faces too! The group is growing and that's really great. Everyone took part in the "Jubilee" party : some brought British cakestand, littles flags, Pimm's, Union Jack picnic plaids, tea & coffee, delicious princess cocktail and of course lots of yummy british cakes and savouries.We even had the visit of a King!

This time you can find (almost) all the recipes of the Baking Club in a document that I put together afterwards : "Baking Club #4 Recipe Book" !

I hope you all enjoyed this Special Edition of the Baking Club!! There’s more to come!

The next one will take place in August and the theme will be …
The “ Olympic Baking Games” !!!

If you’d like to attend or to help organize the Baking Games, let me know!

See you all soon and thanks again for making these events so great every time!

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