I just want to let you know that I'll be away for the next three weeks. I'll be visiting my best friend in Seoul, Korea!!! I may write one or two posts about korean cuisine while I'm away. That is if I find the time, between two mountain hikes, a submarine tour of Jeju Island, some shopping and a lot of kimchi tasting. Oh, yes, there will be some serious kimchi eating!!! Yeah !!!!

I may even post a kimchi recipe here... :)

 See you soon!

나중에 봐 !!!


PS : if any of you know good places to visit (restaurants, tearooms, galleries...) please tweet me @BakingCindy !

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  1. Oh the kim-chi looks tasty! Have to try and make some soon!

    1. Recipe soon on the blog! Only problem is I tried so many different kind of kimchi while in Seoul, I don't know which one to feature here! Maybe a few!


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