I'm back in London (!)

Is that a "yeah"? Is that a "noooo"? I don't know yet.

I was already smitten with Seoul since my first visit last year, but now, I am convinced it's more than a holiday crush. I think I've been marked by Seoul's people too.
Or, as I said to a friend, maybe it's the thousand (no joking) garlic cloves I peeled one day over there that let an indelible mark on me! :-p
Was it a temporary parenthesis or the beginning of something? Lots of questions yet to be answered.

It will be really difficult for me to express and tell all that I have seen, experienced and felt.
(Or all that I've eaten...)

But I will keep on trying to show you as much as I can of this city. Sometimes tough, but somehow so great and beautiful to me.

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