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Do you know the Opale Coast, in the northern part of France?

I've known the area for 10 years. Sweet memories of holidays at my in-laws' house, walks on the beach, BBQs, bicycle rides, waffles/crêpes/ice cream by the seaside, ... and quite a lot a mussels à la crème and French fries have been eaten too!

This summer, the in-laws are moving back to the area ! And we gladly rediscovered the beach, the ice cream... and the mussels/French fries combo.

We decided that we should established a map of the best Mussels/French fries spots of the coast.
We started with a place the family went to a few years ago : we needed to see if the food was still as good as before. And we were not disappointed !

The place : Miny Club
The address : 18 avenue Quettier 62600 Berck

 Interior :

Ok, let's start with the least interesting part of the experience. The deco is rather tacky but hey, after all, that's not why we're here!
There is indoors seatings and also a terrace with tables and parasols. But the restaurant is situated at the corner of two streets, one being one of the main ones to reach the seaside so I'm not sure I would recommend to eat on the terrace.
On the plus side, there is easy access to free parking all around.

Menu :

You will find a simple yet substantial menu. Roasted chicken, welsch, ham, potjevleesch, cod, sausage, and of course, the star of the restaurant : the Moules Frites! Cooked in various ways : "à la crème" (with crème fraîche), marinière (white wine, celery, carrots, onions) and the top secret "Sauce Berckoise" (the Chef's secret recipe!).
We tried the "à la crème" and the "sauce Berckoise"! Both super tasty. I prefer the creamy ones as the other one is more salty but they are both great choices. The mussels are really tiny and are grown locally in Berck. They come in glass salad bowls and there's plenty of sauce for you to dip your fries and slice of bread. Forget the mayo!

As a starter, we had the Mackerel in homemade marinade. Delicious! Fresh! Served with pickled marsh samphires and onions.

The French fries have been acknowledged by Mister F too. And he is quite the connoisseur. Having tasted so many in his life.

No place was left in our tummies for the dessert but I saw a couple of apple tart slices at the table next to us. Maybe we'll have to skip the starter next time and try some dessert!

The staff is also really friendly and helpful. The owner's wife added an extra mackerel for us, and bread.

The + :

Locally grown mussels!  
Just hop down to the south part of the beach (googlemap "Rue des Raisins") to see the bouchot, the oak pillars used to cultivate the mussels.

I tried for you :
  • Moules à la Berckoise and fries : €13.50
  • Moules à la crème and fries : €14.50
  • Mackerel in homemade marinade : €5

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