Your program for this Saturday in North London !

Hi there!

Just a quick word to tell you that I didn't forget about you. But between Petit Gâteau and the launch of North London Artisan Market last Saturday in Bounds Green, it's difficult to find time to sit down and write recipes!

But don't worry I've got lots to share with you as soon as I'll be a bit more available. I've got much awaited Korean recipes, both sweet and savoury, two Baking Club meetings to tell you about (the Scandinavian one from last December - I know, don't throw stones at me - and the Japanese Pâtisserie one from 2 weeks ago).
I also got a review of a great pan asian restaurant in Crouch End that I introduced to you last November : Tootoomoo.

And a little piece about the best places in London to eat ramen. Well at least, the best places in my opinion.

If you're around north London this Saturday (come on, it's not that far. If you manage to go to Camden town or Highgate, it's just 3 more stations up the line), please visit us in Finchley Central for our big launch at Avenue House! We'll have fresh fruits and veg, charcuterie, bread, cheese, cakes (French, Japanese, Portuguese and American), smoothies, chocolates, and London's finest street food from Chef Kreyol, A Taste of Lanka, Oh Africa and more. We also have a market hamper (well, a market cotton bag, hand printed with love by yours truly!)  to win! Packed with market's produce.

Come on, repeat after me :
"This Saturday, I'll take the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line, I'll stop at Finchley Central Station, I will walk  500m on Ballards Lane towards the A406, then I'll take right on East End Road for 300m and I will arrive at the most fabulous market I've ever been too! I will buy lots of great produce, have a stroll in the beautiful Avenue House's gardens, maybe eat a macaron or two (or a box!*) and above all, I will enjoy myself ! "

You know you want to!

See you ALL this Saturday then!


PS : *a bit of self promotion can't hurt, can it? :)

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