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Here's a quick round up of all the latest events I took part in with Petit Gâteau!

On Saturday 25th February, I took part in my first Vintage Fair. It was the Can't Buy Me Love Market at The Boogaloo in Highgate. Great ambiance in this pub, with good music and great spirit!
I presented a Victoria Sponge, a Dark Chocolate & Orange Ganache Gâteau, a Butternut Squash Loaf, cookies, marshmallows, hot chocolate lollies, scones and some savoury stuff.
The pub was just 2 minutes away from the tube station but sadly the station was closed that weekend :( Still, we had a great time and I'll be doing it again!

The next Can't Buy Me Love market will be held at The Boogaloo on Saturday 31th March.


Then on Wednesday 7th March, I made my first delivery to Chinalife, in Camden Town.
A bit stressed about it but everything went well and it looks like the customers loved them!


And last saturday, I drove down to Kingston-upon-Thames to take part in the Vintage Room - Fashion Fair hold inside the Market House. It was a beautiful shiny day, with wonderful sellers and organizers. Everybody helped each other which was really nice as I was feeling a bit lost. Lots of customers really liked my fruity macarons. The Victoria Sponge disappeared quite quickly too and the cream tea was a great success!
Special thanks to Laura from theBeauty Parlour who offered me a discreet but sophisticated make up!

The great news is the next Vintage Room - Fashion Fair will be held at the end of May and this time, we will be on the Market Place!! So a lot more customers are awaited!

Thanks again to all the friends that came to these events to support me (sometimes from very far away!).

Next events for Petit Gâteau will be the Can't Buy Me Love Market at Highgate on Saturday, 31th March AND the Mercy & Pearl's Crafts Market at the Art Depot in Finchley on the 1rst of April.
Yes, two markets on two days. I'll be exhausted but then ... I'm going to Korea for almost 3 weeks to see my best friend!  So excited by all this things !! 
Busy but happy! Worried but relieved at the same time that everything's taking shape for Petit Gâteau.

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm planning the next Baking Club, on Sunday 25th March. This time, it will be a little different : like in September with the Garden Tea Party, the Baking Club will be held in Regent's Park. I want to organize a "Baking Club Egg Hunt" with all the kiddies of our group (I may not define the age of the kiddies, cos some adults may be worse than children at this thing! :)  ).
So if you're in London on the day and that you are a keen amateur baker, join us for some fun! You just have to bring yourself with something homemade (cake, savoury stuff, cocktail...) that you'd like to share with us. Email me for the details, and I'll send you an invite.

We're hoping for a bright sunshiny day!

See you all soon!



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  1. Congrats Cindy for this whirlwind of activity ! And good luck for what's coming next, I'm sure things are going to be more and more interesting, and perhaps more rewarding.
    Great news about the next Vintage fair being on the market place in Kingston.

    1. Thanks Delphine!
      I'm already thinking of new "things" for Petit Gâteau that I hope will be terrific! :)
      Please spread the word about Chinalife tea room. They really have amazing tea cocktails, refreshing and guilt-free!


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