Baking Club

Here, you can find all the details about the differents Baking Club sessions, whether it's with a small group of people, or when we meet all together somewhere in London to have a huge garden tea party!

(*I'm sorry, some of the first posts are only in french, but come back soon and I will have translated them!)

*Where it all started : "Garden Tea Party"
*The first meeting in pictures : "Garden Tea Party en images"
What exactly is the Baking Club? : "Le Baking Club, kezako?"
The first Baking Club session, with Sweet Potato Cookies : "Baking Club #1"
The second Baking Club meeting, baking some nice choux buns : "Baking Club #2 - Mini Choux Party"
The third Baking Club meeting : "The Baking Club Egg Hunt!"
Baking Club #4 : "The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Special"
Baking Club #5 : Olympic Baking Games.
Baking Club #6 : Scandinavian Brunch (post to come soon)

And many more to come!

If you'd like to join us, please get in touch at or live a comment below.

Next Baking Club : "Japanese Pâtisserie", 16 February 2013, from 2.30pm. (email me to receive your invitation!)
We'll meet in one of my friends beautiful kitchen where we'll make together some delicious Japanese cakes (I'm not telling you which recipe for the moment!). It's a free event, but there'll be a piggy bank where you can put a little coin to help towards the costs of ingredients.

There's only 8 places available so contact me asap if you want to take part.

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