And here we are again ...

And here we are again ...
The 24th day of the month, the 12th month of the year. I can't believe how fast this year went by.
Thousands of macarons and marshmallows made.
Hundreds of new customers met thanks to the market I attended every week.
Traders and customers becoming friends.
Dozens of sleepless nights trying to do everything and anything by myself.
A website still not built.
Two cute baby nephews.

6 weeks abroad that have left me thirsty for more.
A new family found on the other side of the world with many brothers and sisters.
A new kind of broken heart that I learned to conjugate in another language.

A new job with a crazy chef that I'm still trying to understand.
New projects already lined up for 2014 that make think I should invest into vitamins and supplements as there may be even more sleepless nights next year.
All in all, a year rich in new relationships and new projects for Petit Gâteau.

Let's see what 2014 has in stock for us!

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