Tales of Korea #1 : Samcheongdong and Bukchon

안녕하세요 ~

 (Annyeong haseyo~)

Already one week since I arrived in Seoul. Time goes by really quickly when you're busy!

Busy meeting new friends, eating, drinking ^^, seeing new places and working.
Yes working ... :(  I don't think I'll be able to switch off completely. My world at the moment might revolve around Seoul but London is very much alive and new inquiries for Petit Gateau and the market are coming in!

So all is good, but busy.

Yesterday was the first day I managed to stop for a moment, strolling for 3 hours through Samcheondong and Bukchon.

Samcheondong really is THE place I've been longing for since we came back to London. It might be because of its impressive views over the neighbourhood when you climb the stone stairs and reach the back of Bukchon. Or maybe the omnipresent indi coffee shops. Or the fact that it is the first street we visited a year and a half ago. First impression, first stop in a cafe, first restaurant, first pictures, first rain, first sunny spells... you get the feeling. If not have a look here.

And Bukchon is special to me cos it was the last thing we visited. Best pizza, beautiful architecture and atmosphere. I'm glad I managed to visit again on a summer day.

(Note : I'm not too pleased with the quality of my pictures. I struggle a bit with my new toy and the focus mode. Hopefully I'll have another chance to go again and take better pictures.)

Samcheondong :


Bukchon is a traditional residential area of Seoul, preserved for 600years and it is a testimomy of the Joseon Dynasty. It's a labyrinth of very steep alleys and it's a popular destination for tourists. The hundreds of traditional houses are called 'hanok' and form together the Hanok Village. Today, many hanok are either guesthouses, restaurants or cultural centers where you can take part in various workshops to learn things like calligraphy, korean knot art, traditional music, paper dolls or kite making, embroidery, ... Have a look at the website for more details. It's a great way to discover more about the Korean traditional culture.





 Note : I will add very soon my recommendations for eating, drinking and shopping in the area. But tomorrow is Chuseok, one of the three major celebrations of the year so I must get my beauty sleep. Early start to prep delicious food. But I'll tell you more about this another time!
안녕히계세요 ! (Annyeong igyeseyo!)

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