New kid in town : Tootoomoo of Crouch End.

Hi guys!

On Friday night, I  went to the opening of a brand new restaurant in Crouch End : Tootoomoo !
Based on pan asian cuisine, this new comer to London foodie scene promise to be a nice stop on the North London map!

Just a few pictures for now, but I intend to go back soon to taste the WHOLE menu for you (that's how dedicated I am! )


The restaurant also offers a "mini market", where you can shop for basic ingredients for asian cuisine like soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, fish sauce, ... and also some kitchen equipment (wok, bamboo steam baskets,...).

And from January, Tootoomoo will start a delivery service around the area ! Watch out for those bikes!

I'm looking forward to go back and properly taste the menu. On the launch night, I sampled some salmon maki, and lots of others little things that made me think that Tootoomoo should be a nice addition to the area.

To see more pictures of the launch and of the food, click here.

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