Sold Out !!!

Hi guys!

Just a quick note today to tell you about the extraordinary day I had yesterday in Golders Hill Park, Golders Green for my Petit Gâteau's stall.
As I explained before in a precedent post, it was the Council's flagship event for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, organised by Barnet Council and the City of London Corporation.  

Macarons, flapjacks, tartlets, quiches, sponge cakes, cupcakes... You can imagine that it took me a few days to bake and cook everything from scratch, as always.  
I was still busy in the kitchen early in the morning, icing and decorating the cupcakes and the Victoria sponge with fresh buttercream and fruits.

Arrived on the premises at 9.30am, it took me almost two hours to unload the car and make the stall look pretty with an Union Jack bunting, flagships, flowers, and cakes! I even wore a très British T-shirt, with a teapot and an Union Jack on it!

The day started slowly, with people saying how pretty the British cupcakes looked but that they'll come back in the afternoon, after lunch, for some yummy desserts. At 2.00pm, it was still very calm and I was starting to question myself about doing outdoors markets. And then, it started raining. People took shelter under the trees in front of my stall and business finally took off!

My neighbour Sue arrived and started an amazing PR job, telling everyone how wonderful my cakes were. I was a bit overwhelmed by the numbers of customers, coming on every sides of the stall!  
Funny fact : at the beginning of the day, half of the stalls were facing the path, and half of the stalls were facing the other way, towards the picnic area. That explains why people keep coming from behind the stall!
At that moment, my friend Christelle from Gluten Free Delices popped over to surprise me! But there was so many customers, she kindly offered to help me! After one hour of intensive business, the stall was almost empty! Cupcakes and macarons sold by the box, lemon tartlets, quiches, napkins, forks and cardboard plates : everything disappeared so fast!

But another funny fact : the less you have things on your stall, the more people want to buy! Some of the people that visited the stall in the morning came back at the end of the afternoon and were a bit disappointed that all my cakes were sold out but they congratulated me and took my business card. I even surprised two ladies literally picking up the crumbs left on the Victoria Sponge's service plate and licking their fingers!

And I had the pleasure of meeting some loyal customers from Mercy & Pearl's crafts market and some of you following me via Facebook and Twitter! (Hello Ladies!)

So it was windy, and a tad wet, but it was really well worth it! I'm looking forward  to take part in other outdoors festivals and markets. 
So please, if you hear of anything that might be interesting for Petit Gâteau, let me know!

Thanks again to all the lovely customers, the organising team and to Christelle and Sue for giving me a hand!

Did I started this post by saying "Just a quick note"?! Well, I think I got carried away! :)

Ok, now some more pictures of the day!

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  1. Great stuff!
    You must love the rain now ;-)

  2. Congrats Cindy, what a success ! So happy for you !
    Lovely yummy pictures.

  3. Thank you Delphine. Can't wait for the next one!!


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