♫ Good morning, good morning!!! ♫

Good Morning!!!

Sunny busy day ahead!!
Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I'm getting ready for the launch of Petit Gâteau at  "Can't Buy Me Love" Vintage Market this saturday.
And there's a lot of things to do!!

I hope you'll have a nice day and if you want to stay tuned with what's going on in the kitchen for the next few days, please pop by the brand new "Petit Gâteau" facebook page, and/or on the new Twitter account : @PetitGateau_UK !!!
Teasing pictures to be post there!

I'll be happy to meet you this saturday in Highgate at The Boogaloo. And don't forget : if you mention "Bonjour bonjour Petit Gâteau", there's a free Hot Chocolate Lollipop for you!(*)

(*) until stock lasts! So be quick!

Now back to the kitchen but first, a little something to brighten even more your day!

(Couldn't help myself to choose the one with japanese subtitles! > Ohayō to you !!! )

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